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Joe Hueglin

Birth Date: February 7, 1937
Age: 69
Birthplace: Stratford, Ontario

Education: London Teachers' College, Honours History, Assumption University of Windsor, Ontario College of Education

Marital Status:
Name of Spouse: Aase
Children: Three — Lise, Erik, Janet

Career Background: Currently retired, Secondary School Teacher 1962 - 1999 broken by holding the office of Member of the 29th Parliament for Niagara Falls, 1972-1974. Elementary School Teacher 1956-1959, Clerk with Bank of Montreal 1953-1955.

Always interested in politics as member of an Anglophone Progressive Conservative minority attending overwhelmingly Liberal Francophone primary and secondary schools Joe developed an interest in the historical development first of Canada and then the world at large.

Meeting Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker during the 1958 Federal election led him to join the Progressive Conservative Campus Club and sit as a PC Member in a Student Parliament while at Assumption University.

Active involvement began in the 1965 Federal election in Blind River, Ontario. Upon moving to Niagara Falls, Ontario he was elected to the Executive of the Niagara Falls Federal Progressive Conservative Association in 1967.  He continued to serve on the Association in various capacities and was President until the de-registration of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada by the Chief Electoral Officer on Sunday, December 7. 2003.

Convinced the continuance of a progressive-conservative party was vital to the well being of Canada, Joe, with others, was instrumental in the ballot name "PC Party" bring registered with the Chief Electoral Officer, albeit with the full name of Progressive Canadian because Progressive Conservative, it was feared, might cause confusion with the new "Conservative" Party registered on December 7, 2003.

Joe continues to serve progressive-conservatives in his capacity as National Co-ordinator of the Progressive Canadian (PC) Party through communications with members and supporters by telephone and internet and with Canadians at large through Letters to the Editor and F.Y.I. posts to the national media.

An activist in community organizations over the years, soon after its creation Joe saw the potential of the internet for political purposes. Since retiring in 1999 he his concentrated on increasing political communications through the world wide web.

Joe publishes "The DAILY DIGEST: INFORMATION and OPINION from ST. JOHN’S to VICTORIA ", obtainable without cost or obligation by contacting him at joe.hueglin@bellnet.ca.

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