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news & events > Recognition of Kosovo a potential threat to Canada

PRESS RELEASE: March 19, 2008 Sinclair Stevens

Newmarket, Ontario- Prime Minister Stephen Harper saw the day after the holding of by-elections, while Parliament is recessed and Canadians are preparing for the Easter holiday, as an opportune time to make an announcement recognizing the independence of Kosovo.  This event took place more than a month previously and could affect the future of Canada.

His recognition of the legality of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia yesterday serves no positive purpose for Canada other than to follow the policy of the United States. The acceptance of the independence of the province of Kosovo has set a precedent for the provinces of other countries, including Quebec to declare nationhood.  This recognition flouts United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, undermines the value of United Nations agreements, and increases nationalistic tensions in the Balkans and among the Great Powers.

Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier stated: "What we did today, we joined the international community and recognized Kosovo as a new state." His statement ignores the fact that China and Russia along with other countries with restive minority nations intent on self rule, consider the United States and allied countries decision to recogniize Kosovo injurious to their interests.

Resolution 1244 drew the United Nations into the Kosovo situation in 1999 only after NATO had acted without its agreement and without clear justification in international law. Recognition of the unilateral declaration of the independence of Kosovo is a second action taken outside the framework of the United Nations.

The development of "new doctrine" in international affairs has been ignored by the Harper Government. The attack by United States and its allies on Serbia  which was unauthorized by the United Nations it is suggested was "the first application of a new doctrine". 

"Recognition of Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence will be considered as "a new doctrine" by other nations seeking self rule" stated Sinclair Stevens, Leader of the Progressive Canadian Party,  "Indeed sovereigntists in Quebec are considering it to be a precedent. According to Daniel Turp of the Parti Quebecois now all that is required is that: "A people decides to become a country and other countries recognize that fact."

For more information or to request an interview, please contact:

Hon. Sinclair M. Stevens, Leader
E-mail: info@pcparty.org
Phone: 1.888.666.3821

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